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Sultana: Finally Salama Gifts Sultana Late Mother's Chain And Opens Up About Kokan's Burnt Face

In the Upcoming episode Salama tells Sultana that she never gave her any gift but she has something to give her. Salama gives a chain and tells her that it was left by her late mother. Sultana will be happy but Salama tells her that she will put it by herself at the right time but for now to wear earrings. Sultana will not be happy and will leave and doesn't care if is at night.

Sultana will go to see Kaka and asks him for forgiveness. She will later be back home. In the morning Salama finds her and asks Sultana if she feel as if she is mistreated. Sultana tells her no and that she has being her mother for a long time. Salama tells her it's good to talk and understand each other and not leaving everytime.

Salama goes on and tells Sultana that Kokan has a very big scar on his face and that many people are scared of him. Sultana will be surprised but Salama tells her that she is the reason because Kokan saved her just to be beautiful like other girls. Sultana will not believe.

She will visit Kokan to known the truth. Sultana wants to touch Kokan's scar and feel it but Kokan will not allow her. Kokan will leave.

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