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Magix Enga And Arrowboy Get Into An Argument In A Live Radio Interview

Since Arrowboy mentioned the amount he used on his new project which is around two million kenyan shilling's, just for one project which is rare to many artist's in the industry right now with the pandemic that's a huge amount of money to invest in to one project.

Magix Enga came up harsh on him asking him to pay sifa one of magix empire producers, his studio session money, since he never made the clearance.

Magix Enga went on accusing Arrowboy of being unlearned and doesn't even know English,

Magix started bragging and showing him his BMW sport car in a car wash and also told Arrowboy that he is wearing a five hundred kenyan shilling's chain and still bragging to do a project worth two million.

Arrowboy didn't also just keep quiet but told magix Enga that he nowaday's talk to C.E.O's only not people like him, what he mean's is that magix Enga is so much far to be on his lane and also be throwing trash on him.

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