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Eric Omondi's Ex-girlfriend Chantal Grazioli Opens Up On Being Insecure About Her Body

If you are a person who has in the past struggled or currently struggling with weight, then you must have an idea how frustrating it can sometimes be.

This is because it can lower one's self esteem and due to various trolling that one gets from different people, one may develop insecurities.

Well this is something that is affecting many, and Eric Omondi's ex-girlfriend Chantal Juliet Grazioli has recently shared her personal experience facing the vice.

Photo: Chantal Grazioli

Taking to her Instagram account she revealed that she has been insecure about her body for the longest time, and this has led to her criticizing herself which even still happens up to date.

According to her she has even been body shamed previously on numerous occasions with her peers while she was still in school, and even faced some disappointments while trying to fit in some dresses but she couldn't.

The Chanty Beauty Products CEO further recounted how she has been checking her diet always in order to get her ideal body size and weight.

This action has led to her shedding off some 43 Kgs, from previously weighing 100 Kgs to currently weighing 57 Kgs.

" I've been criticizing my body for years, I went from 100 Kgs to 57 Kgs, I was bullied in school, I wanted dresses that I couldn't fit in I just had to change and be happy with myself, I'm still very insecure sometimes, I monitor what I eat and drink everyday" she said.

She added "...But what I've learnt all these years is to love the skin I'm in and be comfortable with myself and proud of the journey that I've been through...and I don't know who needs to hear this but as long as you're healthy and happy, don't listen to everyone. Everyone has their lives to do what they want, so you too do what you want and BE YOU."

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