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Divorce Affair

Sultana: Sultana Pays A Visit To Bi Ua And Learns Heartbreaking News

Sultana will visit Major's house to see Bi Ua in today's episode. Sultana will track down Asia and Dida. Sultana informs Asia that she has come to check on Bi Ua. Asia informs her that Bi Ua is no longer present. Because Dida is present, Sultana will sense that Asia is not alone.

Dida tells Sultana not to act because she knows she came to see JJ and not Bi Ua. Sultana tells Dida that she is not on good terms with JJ, but her main reason for coming was to see Bi Ua. Dida informs Sultana that she is from the beach and cannot visit someone with sand on her legs.Dida tells her that the beach is where stressed people go, and she could be stressed about marriages, relationships, or divorce. Sultana stops Dida and tells her she can go wherever she wants and is not worried about anything.

Dida informs Sultana that they are back together with JJ and that they will have a big wedding with nice music and delicious food, unlike her, who married in the hospital. Sultana will be devastated because she did not expect JJ to return to Dida. Sultana will inform Dida that she can marry JJ because they divorced. Sultana will cry her way out.

Asia will then ask Dida if it's true that she is dating JJ, but Dida will deny it. Dida did it only to hurt Sultana.

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