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The Colon Cleansing Diet Zari Hassan is Using to Lose Weight According to Her Instagram


Ugandan businesswoman, Zari Hassan, is sustaining a rigorous diet to shed some pounds. This comes after she was fat-shamed while taking her kids, Tiffah and Nillan Dangote to Tanzania to see their father, bongo artist, Diamond Platnumz. The visit came after two years of being distant.

The very gorgeous woman was shredded to bits by trolls, who viewed her physique as not fit. They attacked her for looking slim on her social media platforms. They credited photoshop for her slim appearance. She didn't take this lying down.

"I’m the one putting on weight, you are the one who is having a headache, I don’t understand, how?" she fired back.

After a week in Tanzania, the mother of five flew back to South Africa where she's based and decided to embark on the rigid colon cleansing diet.

The cleanse seems to be working as fans noticed a slight change in her weight in the image below.

Courtesy: @zarithebosslady

The Colon cleansing diet, is a form of diet that involves consuming fluids to flush out toxins. Toxin disposal, can improve digestion and promote weight loss. It's advised while undergoing the cleanse, one should take a lot of fluids because the cleanse can cause dehydration and other health hazards.

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