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Mejja Opens up on Why His First Relationship Never Worked, Says The Kind of Wife Material he Wants


Mejja is a celebrated Gengetone musician in Kenya. He came to the limelight when he released his first hit song 'Kwani Jana Kuliendaje' about 10 years ago. He has remained relevant for all that time and he is still producing more hits upto now. While speaking on a live interview on Tonnie Murithi's Carpool YouTube channel, Mejja reveals that he produces hit songs based on his life experiences that he has gone through.


Mejja has also opens up why his first two relationships never worked. Mejja's hit song 'Siskii' was produced based on the past relationships he had committed himself into despite being warned by friends and mother. Mejja reveals that when in a relationship, he always wanted to quit and break up after having disagreements with his love but now the lady he was engaged to threatened to commit suicide if he leaves her.

This always made Mejja to stick to the relationship full of drama at the same time he was warned by his close friends to quit since the lady was cheating on him. Mejja reveals that the moment he decides to quit the relationship, his girlfriend suddenly changes convince him that everything is fine and it this moment Mejja felt that love portions had been casted on him.


Mejja reveals that the beginning of his relationships was an excitement but the lessons he has learnt helped him on character development. Mejja highlights that now he wants a wife material who apart from beauty focuses on the future of the relationship.


Mejja says that he does not want a lady who likes partying every weekend and is not ready to settle. According to Mejja, when you find new love you should feel the best effect of a person who changes your way of doing things for the better of the relationship.

“Nataka mtu apart from beauty, mnakaa chini na mnadiscuss about the future hata yeye aseme future yake ni nini. Mtu akikam kwa life yako unaweza sema kuna kitu ameongezea kwa Maisha yako umeanza kukuwa focused.” He said.

This comes a time when couples end up breaking up in relationships after having dramatic experience in relationships.


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