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Bahati Fights Diana Over Make Up As Couple Badly Slam Each Other During Their Date In Turkey

Bahati and Diana's trip to Turkey to represent their latest brand, has recently had a major controversial moment.

Make up, which Bahati has never been afraid to apply on his face despite being a man, was suddenly able to cause a major fight between the couple.

According to Diana, the two had planned to have a simple date in Turkey only to end up arguing for an entire twenty minutes.

It all started when one of their fans, commented about Bahati's dry lips in one of the couple's videos.

This comment seemed to send the singer to depths of Insecurities, as he started questioning the whole point of applying make up.

Bahati went on to ask his wife why she applied all that make up and who the make up was for exactly.

However, Diana who seemed to be offended by the question, claimed that she applied the make up in order to please Bahati and it was all for him.

The singer however did not seem to listen to her argument as he continued complaining as he checked his lips on the mirror.

In her Social Media post, an exasperated Diana claimed that there was no winning when it came to arguing with her husband.

"It was supposed to be a romantic dinner then we ended up arguing for twenty minutes." "Where is the love Bahati?" Diana posed to her husband.

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