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How TV Stations Earn Money

Through Adverts.

Advertisements are the major source of income to any Television Station. In adverts they earn differently depending on the time the advert is running.

If an advert runs for 30 seconds and another advert runs for 60 seconds the advert which will run for 30 seconds will pay less than the advert running for 60 seconds.

Also an advert pays a television differently depending on the time of the day that the advert is being aired. If the advert is aired on TV around 7:00-9:00pm the advert will pay more than the advert running on air in day time.

Through Events.

A television station will charge anyone who will want to air an event through his or her TV station. For example the just concluded Chief Justice interviews which were aired on our TV stations the government paid for the same the events to be aired.

Government Expenditure.

The government always sets aside some money for the media every financial year.

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