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Categories of movies.

Movies can be categorised into various categories,some of which include;

#Action movies-these are types of movies where the main proponents are involved in a series of frantic chases,rescues and extended fighting.Examples include movies like the fast and furious,black widow,tenet,avengers endgame,extraction and mad max.#Horror movies-these types of movies seek to evoke fear of the unknown in it's audience.Examples of horror movies include movies like saw,wrong turn,the hills have eyes,the invinsible a quiet place and the army of the dead.#Comedy-these are movies where the main agenda in their production is to evoke laughter or humour in it's audience.Examples of such movies include;onward,St Frances,the comb,the gentlemen.#Mystery films-these are movies where the main actor mostly a detective is required,to solve a case or a certain mystery.Examples of these movies include;enola Holmes,knives out,gone girl,mystic river.#Thriller movies-these are movies whose main characteristic is invoking a sense of excitement,suspense,fear,tension,Examples include movies like bird box,the platform,night crawler,the invitation.#Fantasy movies-these are movies centred on fantasy themes,supernatural occurrences,mythology,folklore,magic.Examples include movies like; enter the void,Harry Porter,Coraline,jumanji.

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