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Sultana: Kaka Tells Zuu To Give Birth To Her Own Child And Swears To Never Leave His Father's House

Tomorrow's episode Zuu will be taking supper, ugali and fish. Kaka enters in the house and Zuu stops him. Zuu asks him why he didn't go to work because Jabali Junior was looking for him. Kaka tells her to stop confronting him because is no longer a young kid.

Kaka tells Zuu to give birth to her own child instead of eating every now and then. Zuu will be surprised because Kaka has changed alot and could not expect that to come from him.

Kaka goes on and tells Zuu that he is tired to be asks everytime about his work. Kaka tells her that he will never leave his father's house and no one will ever kick him out the house. Zuu will have nothing to say.

Kaka is not biological son to Zuu and Mwanzele but they raised him. According to the episode Kaka's father died and left the house they stay with Zuu and Mwanzele.

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