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I am A Lawyer But My Heart Is Into Acting: Says The Real House-helps Of Kawangware Actress

Many people have a mentality that most often, people in the entertainment industry have little or no education. However, that is not true. Some of the actresses and actors may be well educated even if it is in different fields.

One of the most loved actress from the local television drama series, Njambi, has confirmed that even though she is a lawyer, she is more into acting.

This came into limelight after she asked Netizens to tell her some of the rumors that they have heard about her. One person asked her if she is a lawyer for real. That is when she clearly stated that she is one though she is not using it.

Others wanted to know whether the claims that the show is dead were true. She denounced the claim saying that they will be back soon.

Many had the feeling that after the massive exit from the show by huge actors, actresses and director, Abel Mutua, may have killed the show.

How many of you believe that she is that humble to act as a common house maid when she is really learned? Feel free to give us your feedback.

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