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Husband and wife relationship

'My Father Made Me His Mistress, Then I Met This Amazing Man Who Changed My Life,' Lady narrates

Silvia, from Uganda is from a family six and she grew up without a mother. She was raised by her father. At an age of 19-year-old, she got saved in catholic church but her father was against it.

She was adopted by a holy family together with her elder sister. They called the two couples father and mother. But her father told her that he wanted to make her his wife. When she asked him what about his marriage, he said that they had problems with his wife which she was not support to know. The wife started suspecting something was going on between the two.

One night they slept together and got pregnant. She was chased away by her mother but she never knew that Silvia was impregnated by her husband.

The man rented a house for and asked her to change everything to start a new life. Adding she should not inform her relatives and parents that she was pregnant.

She lived a secret life and later she got other two kids. She was promised everything in the world. She would be taken out with the kids in a hotel. The man's relatives would visit her to see the children without notifying her mother who adopted her.

Silvia would feel that she stole something from her mother and when her father would visit her, she would told him to go back to mum because she was betraying their marriage.

After nine years of their relationship, she decided to break it because she was a sinner. She begged to God and told Him that she was going to left everything behind even the chidren. She confessed to the man that she was tired of being the second wife and he tried to follow her but she had made up her thoughts.

After she left and repented, God blessed her with a husband, her hubby said that she was a virgin to him even if she had ten children and they got married. They did a white wedding and pure.

Her husband accompanied her to her mother and begged for forgiveness for snatching his husband and things were good. Her children live their father.

The blood of Jesus can wash all the sins provided you decide to move on and repent.

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Silvia Uganda


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