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'Anakuanga Tu Na 100k Moja Hatumiangi' Mulamwah Bashes Ringtone For Showing Off Bundles Of Cash

Ringtone Apoko. [All Images | Courtesy]

Kenyan Gospel musician Alex Apoko better known as Ringtone Apoko is always after some little attention and spotlight on social media after every week.

This time around, a video was taken of him having loads of cash in thousands popping out of his pockets.

When he was told about it, he did not bother to keep them in the pocket and even let them out to be seen clearly.

Fans on social media have since reacted differently to the video with many arguing that this is just a show-off since he was said to be broke lately and his house on sale.

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah took to the comment section and bashed Apoko stating that he always has a bundle of 100K that he never uses just for showoff.

''Anakuanga Na 100k moja Tu hatumiangi 😂.'' Comedian Mulamwah commented about the video of Ringtone showing off bundles of cash.

This is not the first time the two are going after each other about the cash they post on social media as a few weeks ago, Ringtone argued that Mulamwah is showing off 700K which is what he uses in one week.

Fans joined in and gave their view about the post advising him not to post such but rather help out those that are needy.

Mercy Ontita, ''@mulamwah sijui this time nani anapewa in the name of helping God's pple😂😂smhh.''

Ringtone Apoko. [All Images | Courtesy]

Diana, ''Alafu ziibiwe aanze kulia huku😂😂.''

Sonia Thuku, ''What is with Kenyan celebs nowadays just walking around with bundles of cash,,, this is show off. It is not that they are rich anyway.''

Manoti Machwani, ''Uyu mwenye aanashindwa kulipa rent ndo anatuonyesha thao mbili😂😂😂😂.''

Juma Wasike, ''Saidia basis wale ambao hawana ju hii nayo ni kujionyesha sasa bro.''

Maria Tracy, ''Have you guys thought for a second that it is his money and he can post as much as he wants.''

CLICK HERE to watch the video.

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