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Honest TukTuk Driver Returns Ksh 815k To A Sick Woman Who Misplaced It In His Ride Celebrated

It is always so hard to people to return properties to there owners after coming across them despite knowing the owner. This has proved that there are less honest people in kenya and in the world as a whole. But it seams like there are some people who are honest to themselves after the story of this honest tuktuk driver came out.

According to a report by Modern Kenya Corps #MKC through there Facebook page the young tuktuk driver proved to be a honest man after she returned Ksh 815k the woman who misplaced it. The young man is today celebrated after he did such an understanding thing.

The tuktuk driver by name Guled Ibrahim is reported to have realized a woman had left such huge amount kf money in his tuktuk after which he started looking for her.

The money belonged to one of his passagers who actually was a sick woman who he had justed dropped off at the hospital by her son. When the driver reached the hospital he found out that the woman had already left the hospital after crying about the situation.

But reports indicated that the man returned the cash to the woman that made him to celebrated just like any other Legend.

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