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10 Famous International Musicians Who Are Sober and Proud Of It

When you picture the lives of your favorite famous singers you might imagine them popping bottles of champagne after their sold out concerts or drinking Grey Goose at A-List parties.However not all musicians drink alcohol or do smoke.

Here is alist of performers that totally don't drink at all, which challenge society's alcohol-soaked stereotypes of rock stars and famous singers.

1.Lana Del Rey

Lana was sent to boarding school at the age of 15 in order to get sober and has been sober ever since.

2.Shania Twain

Shania Twain never drinks or smokes and is also vegetarian.

3.Tyler, the creator

The star lives alifestyle free from drugs and alcohol and identifies as straight-edge


After almost dying from adrug overdose, the rapper decided to clean up his act.He now abstains from alcohol and drugs.

5.Chris Martin

Chris Martin coldplay's lead singer, doesn't drink alcohol or coffee.

6.Jennifer Lopez

J.Lo steers of alcohol because it is bad for her skin.She told Instyle that she does occasionally take asip or two if she needs to make atoast because you can't toast with water.

7.Ringo Starr

Star has said that he wasted the years after the beatles in an alcoholic haze.He is now adamantly sober.

8.Katy Perry

Katy perry was fully sober for three months after divorcing Russel Brand and now although she doesn't drink cocktails, she does occasionally indulge in aglass of wine.

9.Steven Tyler

Tyler has been open about his struggles with addiction and his road recovery.He now abstains from drugs and alcohol.

10.Neil Young

Young decided to become sober in 2011 because he wanted to be more alert and he was curious about what sobriety would feel like.

Well comrades, i think being sober is the best decision one can ever choose and live by it.Some of us drink because of the influence we get from our friends and end up getting into unending troubles.These superstars are agreat example of making apersonal decision and standing by it without being swayed away.Said and done do you think you can overcome drinking no matter the addiction or the influence around you? Drinking has destroyed homes and made others to become destitutes.Kindly share, like and comment for more of these stories.

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