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We Don't Care, Self-Declared President Of Second Wives Blasted By Fan

You are probably wondering who declared herself the president of second wives is. Well, it is none other than Amber Ray. She recently got married to business mogul Jamal Rohosafi and it seems she is thoroughly enjoying her position as a second wife if her Instagram posts are anything to go by.

She has been gracing our timelines with rosy photos of her and her husband as well as declaring that she is now the president of second wives.

"Naona nikue chair lady wa second wives sasa....🤣" she posted.

Amber revealed that women have been keeping out of Jamal's DMs since learning that she manages his social media accounts, probably because she does not shy off warning women to stay off her man.

"Kutoka my husband aseme I manage his social media accounts naona DMs za wanawake zimepungua huko🤣🤣🤣🤣😅 na funny enough wale wanao nitusi kwa comments ndio wako kwa DM na "hi handsome."

Well, it seems that today, Amber decided to take things a notch higher and declare herself the president of second wives.

She posted a picture with the caption President of second wives #Amberthebrand.

However, some netizens felt that she overdid it and were not so subtle with their comments.

Casty: "Really now🙄"

Kimulla: "1st wives tuko njiani na matusi."

Kennedy: "Saa why will you keep reminding us as if you are the first one to be second wife....for your information we don't really care en if you have run out ideas is better you be cool. si lazima upost."

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