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Kabi Reveals What He's Been Facing After Baby Came, Says Men Also Suffer From Postpartum Depression

Parenting is a journey that people perceive differently. Some welcome their newborns with 100% percent happiness, some with a mixture of joy and anxiety while others experience total bitterness towards their babies probably because of postpartum depression or the circumstances under which they got the child.

Kabi and Milly Wajesus welcomed their newborn daughter two months ago and they decided to share their journey with their fans.

Milly said that things have been overwhelming on her side because she has to take care of the baby and at the sake time chase the bag. She said that she tries her best to balance everything but it is still tough.

Kabi on the other hand feels like being a dad for the second time is a bit overwhelming because he wants to be the best, be there for her wife and provide for the family.

That sometimes he feels like their love has been affected as a couple because all the attention is given to the baby. Milly complained that it seems Kabi is jealous of their daughter because he even suggested that she should start sleeping in her own room.

According to Kabi, men need to be understood because they can also suffer postpartum depression. That this is the reason why some men spent more time in clubs after their wives give birth.

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