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'Njaanuary But Mbona' People React To Viral Photo Of January Troubles

'Njaanuary' what wrong did we do to you? Netizens continue complaining even as others improvise new ways of getting through the tough economic times. If someone told me that it would be this difficult sailing through January after a period of immense of celebrations and merry making in December I would dismiss it as coming from someone without a plan.

However, things have proven to be sour on everyone's end in the first month of the year consecutively. Needless, to say that there is actually something undiscovered which would make life worth celebrating during January.

It is to this effect that people have developed various comforting slogans such as being allergic to meat, and that vegetables are life. However, no one has made a hilarious move as much as that of a hustler who decided to go to the butchery to buy meat. Evidently, as the craving won't allow him to ignore, she went ahead and told the butcher man that all she needed was a small piece worth 3O shillings to trap a rat. Lol,this stirred very hilarious reactions as shown in the screenshots below.

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Lol Mbona' Njaanuary'


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