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9 Photos Of Best Couples In Tv Series

In every Tv series there are characters who are deeply in love and their love story is always amazing. Their love story journey can teach us that true and real love can be closer than you think. They can show that breaking up can be harder than you think if the love was real. They also show us that love can't be that easy as you think, there might be some challenges.

Here are some of the best Couples in your favorite Tv series.

1. Ragnar Lothbrok And Lagertha Of Vikings. Their love story begun when they were still farmers until Ragnar became King and Lagertha became queen. Despite breaking up, they still loved each other and they were best Couples.

(Photo| Ragnar And Lagertha)

2. Jesse Pinkman And Jane of Breaking Bad. They were true lovers but unfortunately Jane died after she was chocked to death as she was intoxicated. These really broke Jesse.

(Photo| Jesse And Jane)

3. Jon Snow And Ygritte Of Game Of Thrones.

(Photo| Ygritte And Jon Snow)

4. Thomas Shelby And Grace Of Peaky Blinders.

(Photo| Shelby And Grace)

5. Glenn And Maggie Of Walking Dead.

(Photo| Glenn And Maggie)

6. Need Stark And Catelyn Of Game Of Thrones.

(Photo| Need And Catelyn)

7. Jonas And Martha Of Dark.

(Photo| Jonas And Martha)

8. Jonathan And Nancy Of Stranger Things.

(Photo| Nancy And Jonathan)

9. Michael Scoffield And Sara of Prison Break.

(Photo| Scoffield And Sara)

Name some of your best Couples in your favor Tv Series.

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