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Zora Updates Episode: Mr Olivia Slaps Kwame, Zora Citizen Television (Video)

Mr Olivia Slaps Kwame, Zora Citizen Television (Video)

Zora is one of the most popular drama series which started few months ago after Maria ended. Simba is one of the best actors who is featured in Zora drama series as a son to Zora.

Kwame was slapped by his father Olivia because of interfering with his father especially when his father was chasing Madiba. In the series Madiba decided to bring his kids in Olivia place secretly but later it was revealed and here is when things backfired to both Kwames and his brother Madiba where Olivia slapped Kwame who was trying to defend his brother Madiba.

Mr Olivia who is mad at Madiba told all of the family that he don't want Fila, Madiba and Lila at his compound giving warning to gate man by telling him if he found those people at his compound he will fire him.

Apart from that Olivia is warned by his sister who tells him that is going to suffer if is not going to bring Madiba and his kids home.

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Olivia Olivia Slaps Kwame Simba Zora Zora Citizen Television


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