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Akothee Breathes Fire, Insults a Fan Who Commented This On her Facebook Post

The self declared president of single ladies is back with another surprise to his Facebook followers. I call it a surprise because many of us are not used to how she has been handling her fans especially those who questions her lifestyle. I think it is something normal to receive different reactions from netizens when you post a photo.

However, Akothee who is popularly known as madam boss will take take her time to deal with you incase you share negative comments on her post.

Few moments back, she posted a photo of herself together with a guy who many believe is her lover because they have been going out together for the last two days. Madam boss then captioned the picture saying that her lifestyle should not worry anyone and it seems she enjoys when people are talking about her.

One of her fans then decided to advise her saying that she shouldn't explain her statements because we are already used to her behavior. The defiant Akothee then attacked the guy saying that she is not her mother and should therefore find something else to do. Akothee is fond of abusing her fans using the 'mother' title forgetting that she is also a lady.

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