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"Mungu Asanti" Meet Stanley Who Returned Home After 10 Years

Inooro TV is a vernacular television, which hosts its programs with Kikuyu language, this channel has a special program which assists in airing the lost people called Wathire Ku? Hosted by Kibe.

A few days ago, a family of Francis and Priscilla aired news about their son who went missing for 11 years and Inooro TV concentrated on the story and it took the action of searching the lost son of Francis and Priscilla and later the work bared fruits.

According to the family, their son who went missing by the name of Stanley Kibe was a butcher and also a cow broker in the village and before he went missing he sold the cow he had and he went with the money only not to return home.

After missing, Stanley went to Samburu county in a place called Maralal where he was doing odd jobs just for his survival.

After he was found, Stanley said that the reason for his escape was that he was accused falsely of rape and he was sentenced to Nyahururu prison for five years.

While in prison, he was depressed because he had no one to come to look for him and when he was released from jail he lacked a reason to return home and that is when he went to Maralal to hustle till the time he was found and returned home in Muranga county.

Stanley Kibe was missing for 10 years and he was found alive and healthy, thus nothing is impossible when God is involved, just keep praying and do not give up.

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