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Sultana:JJ Instructs Sada and Asia To Search For Sultana's Necklace Or Not Eat

In tomorrow's episode, JJ will find Sada and Asia ready to take their breakfast. JJ tells them that all of them should search for Sultana's necklace. Sada tells JJ should talk to Asia that way but not her. JJ tells them that everyone will search for the necklace because is the man of the house. Asia tells JJ that she will search for it in every room but JJ tells him that everyone will participate or they will be no food in the house.

Bi Ua will find them trying to find the necklace. Bi Ua tells them that they are wasting time because she once lost her necklace but she never found it. Bi Ua tells them they should investigate who steals their necklaces. Sada doubts Fatima. Asia supports her and tells them that Sultana had her necklace but after she went out with Fatima it got lost. Sada asks her how she knew about the necklace or if she took it. Asia says no and JJ tells Sada that lately, Sultana has been wearing a necklace.

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