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Sultana:Maria Saves Mbuya And Takes Him To Salama's House

In tomorrow's episode, Maria will go back to Mbuya. Maria had left Mbuya in the forest to save her life. Maria comes with a wheelbarrow to carry Mbuya because his one leg is paralyzed. Mbuya tells her that he knew she will come back for him because she is a kind lady. Maria stops him and tells him should talk to Dida to come of him. Mbuya pleads with her not to involve Dida at this time.

Maria will pull Mbuya and gets tired on the way. They will rest for some minutes and continue with their journey. The journey is tiresome for a lady pulling a man and other belongings.

Maria will reach Salama's house and knocks on the door. She will introduce herself as Mariam and Salama will be surprised because she has stayed in the village for years and has never heard such a name. Maria tells her to come out because they are in a problem. Salama will get out and will be shocked to find Mbuya looking like a poor and dirty man.

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