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'Money Moves' Sandra Mbuvi Shares Video of her Baby Pink Expensive Mercedes Benz

Sandra Mbuvi Sonko

Sandra Mbuvi is the second born daughter to the former Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko and she has today again given us a taste of her lifestyle The family resides on Mua Hills in Machakos County, where they live in a lavish home on their compound. From the videos that Sandra shared a week ago, the family are living the life everyone desires. They keep interesting animals and birds including ostrich, peacocks and horses. They also have a well furnished mansion comprising a bar, a gym, two lounges and other interesting places as well.

Sandra Mbuvi Sonko

In this video that the young lass had shared, we could also see their wide range of vehicles in their fully packed garage. Simply put, even though Mike Sonko lost his position in government, he might not be suffering at all out here like most of us.

Well, today Sandra has again shared another video of her bright pink Mercedes Benz, claiming that she had really missed it. Wherever it had been we may not be sure but she was happy it was back. The family must really be eating life with a big spoon, don't you think?

Sandra Mbuvi Sonko

Here is the video

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