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Julia Montes or Jod Sta Maria ?

Julia Montes and Jod Sta. Maria are talented Filipino actresses and if you are a fan of Filipino soap operas,you know them. Here are some of the things you need to know about the two of them.

Julia Montes was born in the year 1995 in Manila, Philippines. She started acting in the year 2001 and if you know her,you can agree with me that she is talented. Her mother is a Filipino and the father is from German.

The Germany father left them when Julia was still young,and her mother with the help of her grandmother took care of her. Her mother was deaf and it was not easy, something that should be an inspiration to you all.

Despite the background she came from, she has made it in life. The two latest soaps she happened to feature in include; Doble - kara and Asintado. In Double kara ,she played a dual role of Sara and Kara.

On the other hand Jodi Chrissie Garcia Santamaria is a Filipino actress and producer and she was born in the year 1982. She has featured in many soaps including, The Promise,Be Careful with my Heart and Two Hearts.

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