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Sultana: Mbuya Hides At Kaka's House

On Monday's episode, Salama will be shocked to see Mbuya in dirty clothes. Salama will pity him because she didn't expect Mbuya to be so injured. Salama will welcome Mbuya and Maria into her house and gives them some food. Maria will eat so fast because she had not eaten for while.

Mbuya tells Salama that he wanted a place where he can hide for days. Salama wishes she could help Mbuya but she can't because every time she has visitors. Salama tells Mbuya should have helped him because he once helped her during the most difficult time.

Maria asks Mbuya what they will do because Salama can't help. Mbuya will think of Babu but Salama tells them not to try if he wants a place to hide. Mbuya tells Maria that they have to continue with their journey.

Salama will think of a place and will take Mbuya to Kaka's house. Kaka will be surprised to see Mbuya but Salama tells him he has to stay with Mbuya. Kaka will refuse because his house is entered by many people without his permission and Dida comes in a while. Salama tells him he has to hide his father-in-law's law. Kaka will have to accept.

Maria wants to leave because Mbuya has found a place to hide but Salama tells her can't allow a lady to leave such a night. Salama will take Maria to her place and Sultana will be happy.

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