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JJ is Arrested Over Kokani's Disappearance Next On Sultana

Kaka is at Bi.Salama's house where he talks to Sultana secretly and Sultana complains that Kaka didn't get Kokani's body out of the rive as they agreed in return, Kaka lies that he threw the body into the ocean and Sultana is seen happy and tells Kaka to stay but Kaka refuses saying he won't stay for long.

Mejja asks Asiya if she has seen Sada but Asiya denies she hasn't seen her and Mejja says he is the one who asked his father not to leave his wealth to Sada.

JJ goes to Sultana's house to ask for the DNA of a child sultana is carrying and Sultana asks why she doesn't trust her.

Sada finds Halid who is grieving over his wife's death they have a long talk and later Sada is given a copy of the Will

JJ is arrested by the police over Kokani's disappearance and when he asks if they have evidence they don't listen to him. Both Bi. Salama and Sultana believe JJ is innocent.

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