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"Baecation" Maureen Waititu Excites Fans With Photos Of Her New Man

Maureen Waititu has revealed quite coincidentally, if you catch our drift that she is going on a baecay with her wealthy boyfriend, and by God, it' s sending serious ' leveling up' vibes!

In the midst of her usual entrepreneurial activities, Maureen Waititu announced on Instagram yesterday that it was about time she took some time off for a good week of travel, and here' s why our gossip senses are telling us she' s out there on a Baecay– it' s literally too exciting to keep to ourselves!

Maureen began by putting up some suitcases, a temporary tattoo eyebrow job I (which she said she intended to be enough for a weeks' worth of travel), and a brief remark about how she needed a vacation from this Kanairo and its stresses on her insta stories after a tough week.

After a few hours, she eagerly tweeted a video of herself at the airport in Casablanca, Morocco, stating it was about time' mama got some love, ' complete with hears and kissy emoji! Steamy!

Following that, she shared photos of herself on Instagram, extending her hand out as if someone were photographing her, but she was holding her hand with the brightest and warmest smile on her face. She then continued to tweet photos of herself on vacation while discussing Morocco and why she chose that destination!

It' s ironic, though, that she appears to be in the midst of a happy relationship whereas her ex Frankie Just Gym It and his new fiancée seemed to have broken up just a few days ago.

When the rumors started, the two were reportedly no longer following each other. Neither of them has spoken out about the situation, and it' s only getting more intense as time goes on.

They haven' t yet deleted their images off each other' s Instagram accounts, and Corazon just posted a video of herself with Frankie, but they haven' t said anything about what' s going on.

Maureen, on the other hand, is having a great time making a lot of money with her modeling gigs and traveling the world with her new rich man to see beautiful places.

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