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Kush Tracey Revealed That She Is A Survivor Of Suicide.

September is always the month of suicide awareness. Sadly, the number of the suicidal cases in Kenya have been high this year. Following this awareness, Kush Tracey reveal that she is a survivor of suicide. Speaking through her Instagram page the Switch TV presenter wrote, "I am a suicide survivor & I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for the restoration of my mindset & life perception. KUSH TRACEY – Najos PhotographyIt’s a real struggle to deal with dark thoughts that only you seem to understand the depth of, it’s easy to go to a dark place mentally & for some it’s easy to come out of it for others they get stuck & go down a spiral they can’t get out of. kush tracey - The SauceIt’s easy to give advice & a way out if you are not going or ever gone through such suicidal thoughts, but to get your self out of that dark space you need to spiritually counter attack the core issues & the real cause of the situation. When you dig deep within yourself & become totally honest with yourself you’ll see the loop holes as to where the issues & thoughts started building up. There’s always a trigger suicidal thoughts- Switch TV queen Kush Tracey explains why life with a man is always stressful-Words spoken against a life

-Hateful names called

-Spiritual warfare

-Generational curses

-Influence of addictions

-Pressure from society/family/socialmedia

-Ideation of what success is

-Parental/Family issues

-Toxic relations etc.Kush Tracey Confirms Her COVID-19 Status | Malimwengu KEI believe Jesus Christ is an answer to suicide-If your mindset is renewed & you are restored by Him in His power you begin to have a different perspective on what life is? & what you are in this life…You begin to see yourself from the lenses of how God sees you." Stunning photos of Kush Tracey. Kush Tracey on Twitter: "Learn to let go😏not everyone in your life is  meant to stay #RECHARGE… " Chop my money!' Politician throws Kush Tracey birthday Kush Tracey on Twitter: "Stop getting distracted by the things that have  nothing to do with your goals😌 #RECHARGE 💯 #WednesdayWisdom… " Don't stigmatize those with COVID-19' Kush Tracey makes major announcement Kush Tracey on Twitter: "Stars shine when it's dark😏 #thursday #RECHARGE  💯… " Kush Tracey on Twitter: "Don't confuse what you are offered with what you  are worth😉 #queenmentality #tuesdayMotivation… " Kush Tracey Kenya - #HumbledByHisGrace #Godspeed😇 Dress by👗  @elegance_fashion_kenya @winnie.odande @dandestyles 👗 Mua by my gal  @edellenoela 💅😍 | Facebook Slay queen wa yesu: Fans blast Kush Tracey over her dressing Najos Photography Kush Tracey 30 – Najos Photography Najos Photography Kush Tracey 20 – Najos Photography

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