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Amount of Money the Viral Ghanaian Pallbearers Made in Dubai after Selling their Meme Video

The Ghanaian pallbearers who entertained the world during the onset of the Corona virus pandemic went ahead to become more popular worldwide due to their skills and entertainment during funerals.

Their video went ahead and became a popular meme that everyone in the world knew, and this has earned them a huge payback after selling it in Dubai.

According to Tuko News podcast, the Ghanian pallbearers sold their meme for one hundred and fifteen million shillings to Dubai's 3F music company at a Non Fungible Token (NFT) auction in Dubai.

The reports claim that the well choreographed meme video earned the Ghanians the huge amount which they pledged to send 25% of the money to charities in Ukraine to cushion the affected people.

"Congratulations to the official owner of coffin dance world fame @3fmusic. We would like to say thank you to everyone who supported our NFT..." the lead dancer captioned their success in a Tweet.

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