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Sultana: Sultana Fights With her "Mother" Bi Salama

After Bi salama confronted Sultana,, sultana decided to pack her clothes and leaves the house so that she can go and start a new life somewhere else. Bi Salama tried to stop her and apologize to her but sultana had set her mind to get. She said that she had made a decision and no one should not try to stop her

Bi Salama tried as much as possible to stop her but she took a stick and want to beat salama., Salama told her to start beating her is she wants to beat her but sultana was so furious and she almost hit Salam and Babu came and try to cool her down.

He told sultana to cool down and solve the problem but she told him to let her mother Bi salama to tell her what was the problem. She said that Bi salama hides so many things about her and she asked about her parents she doesn't want to talk about it. Remember that Sultana's parents are Mejja Jabali and His wife bi Ua. Salama does not want to revealed to her about that

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