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10 Things You Should Know About Bob Marley.

Marley last words to his son ziggy were that "MONEY CAN'T BUY LIFE." 

1.Bob marley was born in Jamaica on February 6,1945

2.He was the son of an English army captain and a beautiful Jamaican woman.

3.His first single song was called "one cup of coffee" and released in 1962.It didn't perform well.

4. Bob Marley professional career began in 1963,with the wailers.

5 The group released it's debut studio album The wailing wailers in 1965 which contained the single "One love/people get ready"

6. Bob survived an assassination at his home in Jamaica,on December 3,1976.

7.Bob Marley was a rastafarian,a sect revolted to the return of Jamaicans to their African homeland.

8.He wore his uncut hair dreadlock and consumed marijuana,both symbols of his faith

9.In 1977, Marley was diagnosed with cancer growing from his toe, doctors adviced him to have his toe "cut" but he refused due to his faith,that no body part should be removed, he died as a result of the illness in 1981,this was his last photo

10. marley was awarded Jamaican third highest honor

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