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Celebrity: Juliani And wife Lilian Welcome First Child Together.

Rapper Juliani and his wife Lilian Ng'ang'a welcomed their first kid together.

During a recent interview with Youtuber Presenter Ali, the joyful new dad announced that he is now a father of two - a girl and a bouncing baby boy.

"I have two children, Amore and the second. I just bought him the other day. I acquired him with Lilian's help. People aren't aware of this narrative because they don't need to be, but you are now aware. So, yeah, we did have a baby, a boy. I'm now the proud father of two children, a girl, and a boy," he stated.

When asked to compare his experiences bringing a girl and a boy, Juliani remarked that men are mainly witnesses when receiving a child into the world. According to his theory, the woman goes through all the mental and physical changes associated with pregnancy, thus better positioned to recognize the difference.

"The woman passes through a lot. That experience prior, afterward, and how they return to being themselves is heavy. It makes me reconsider how we handle and even speak to women. A man cannot go through the same ordeal and come out unscathed. But they also get a lot of pleasure out of it. As a dad, you are merely a bystander. The entire experience is more intense for a woman than the husband," he stated.

Juliani revealed that his former relationship with Brenda Wairimu ceased not because everything did not work out but because their lives transitioned to different realms. He further explained that his interpersonal outlook on life shifted significantly now that he is married with a second baby.

Juliani and Lilian married in a secret ceremony in February after months of dating.

Lilian marked the occasion by posting a photo of herself wearing bridal makeup with the comment, "Happy and thankful to be living to see my beloved #2 looking so matched!"

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