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Meet A Man Who Spent Over 15£K To Transform Himself Into A Real Barbie Doll.

Honza,a high tech expert has surprised the world by transforming himself into a real Bambi doll.

The 26 year old man says that he used to like cartoon movies with Bambi dolls. He would spend most of his time watching Disney fairy tales.

He finally decided to take his first step in achieving his goal in 2017 . The doctor advised him to get injected by a filler to get full transformation. After the injection he felt accomplished as his biggest dream was now turning into a reality.

"People accused me of not being grateful to God but that never deterred my dream of looking like a Bambi" Honza said in an interview .

His zest to be a Bambi led to spending 15£k. Honza had his lips enlarged and even his hips so as to look more feminine. The lips alone had to be injected 90ml filler to be like those of a real Bambi.

During an interview he said that though he may appear feminine he still remembers of his masculinity and is attracted to women. Currently he is single and searching for a lady that looks like a Bambi.

At work however, he dresses like a typical man. He enjoys wearing like a Bambi when he is not working .He goes partying and other social events looking like a woman.

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Content created and supplied by: TabithaMumbiMusyimi (via Opera News )

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