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Mwenye Amefanya Hivi Uekewe Ulinzi, Netizens Reacts After A Fan Did This For Eric Omondi

The artists who did the work.

The legendary comedian Eric Omondi, who is also owns a title of the 'president of comedy' is one of the most celebrated and famous rib crackers in Kenya.

Eric Omondi feels appreciated after one of his fqns by the name @mandelaondula and @cheryl nagawa did an amazing art for him. Talking on his Instagram page the comedian gave great thanks to the artists and said that was one of the best appreciation he has received so far.

"@mandelaondula @cheryl-nagawa THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS...This could be one of the BEST APPRECIATIONS I've ever received. GOD BLESS🙏🙏", he wrote on his page.

His fans felt as much and could not wait to fill the comment section. They had different reactions towards the post and moreso the artist. Some said that the artists need good security to ensure they are safe,

"Mwenye amefanya hii kazi aekewe ulinzi mkali sana", a comment read.

Others praised the good work shown,

"Almost perfect", read a comment.

"Huyu sasa ndio anadeserve ile 100k", a comment read.

"Hii inafaa kupelekwa museum under high security surveillance for the future generation to see", read a comment.

What is your take about the artist? He did a great work though. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section and don't forget to follow for more updates.

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