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Revealed: 'No sex before marriage' as Simple Boy reveals why he broke up with Pritty.

'Fresh barida' hit maker and one of the upcoming musician Stivo Simple Boy as come out and explained the major reason why he parted ways with Pritty.

Stivo as revealed that Content creator Purity Vishenwa aka Pritty Vishy wanted them to engage in pre-marital sex before they tied the knot which he did not agree with.

According to him, the fight about premarital sex was the reason why their relationship ended since his intention was to staying celibate until they walk down the aisle.

Simple boy and his ex-girlfriend had been together since 2019 but made their relationship public in Jan 2022. They then parted ways in early April 2022.

Late in January, the two broke up but got back together shortly after Valentines day February. In late March Pritty bitterly cried after realizing that Stivo had moved on with Adasa.

Intimacy is the key to any happy and healthy relationship that exists and when intimacy fades, it becomes extremely had to maintain relationship. There are many different ways that you can ignite the dying intimacy in your relationship.

Do something new or any activity that is completely new to both of you. Trying something new can help reignite the spark that can keep your relationship healthy. A different thing from the usual that you always do create stimulation and connection that brings you closer to each other

Maintain physical contact with each other. Physical present and touch is essential for any good and healthy relationship. Spending more time with your partner will increase your level of intimacy.

Stay connected or communicate regularly. Without proper communication, intimacy can evaporate easily. Stay connected with your partner all through by calling or texting him/her throughout the day.

Be supportive. Always be there for your partner when he/she needs you and lend an helping hand whenever in need. Let them know that you got their back and you are there and give them undivided attention.

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