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Zora: Zalena Kidnaps Boaz But Talia Saves Him

In today's episodes Zalena will take Madiba and Kwame in a quiet house. Madiba and Kwame will not believe only to find their mother has kidnapped Boaz.

Madiba will question his mother why she kidnapped Boaz? Zalena tells him that he should show them Alma or she kill him. Zalena pulls a gun and gives to Kwame to make sure Boaz doesn't escape.Madiba and Zalena will get out to have a talk.

Madiba will be mad at his mother but Zalena tells him he should be quite and after dealing with Boaz she will tell him the truth how he covered him from the death of his wife then Alma will call.Zalena will bring the call to Boaz and forces him to say he is fine.Boaz will tell his daughter he is fine and she should give them what they want.

Zalena and his sons will be listening, Talia tell his father that they should have kidnapped her but not him. Madiba will realize that Talia but he thinks it's Alma already knows where his father has been kidnapped,he gets scared and thinks his kids will be in danger. Madiba will tell Talia that his father is fine and they will let him go. Madiba will untie him and Boaz will go home.

Later Talia will send the picture of Zalena and his sons to the village men what they did to his father. The village men especially Mr. Simba thinks they are bad people. Zalena and his sons may have a tough life staying in the village .

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