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Destiny Etiko's Fans Snub Her On Social Media For Flirting With A Pilot- Khinde Jalade

Nigerian famous actress Destiny Etiko’s was snubbed by her fans on social media after she posted a photo of her beautiful self with the pilot - Khinde Jalade after the plane had landed. She went on and said and I quote, “The flight went smoothly .All thanks to you sir.A great pilot you are. Once again, thanks for your assistance. “ she then followed the quotes with a photo of the two of them close together. She was all smiles and indeed it must have been an enjoyable flight.

Some fans said they only hope that the story ends at the airport and not trend to another heartache related story. She was even warned that she got too close to the pilot who seems to be a married man to Omotola. Destiny was told to respect and leave someone's husband alone.

The trend now is to board a flight where Omotola's hubby is the pilot and take a selfie with him, though she doesn't seems to care about it but I strongly believe that fans should leave that man alone. From the look of things, they might be going through crisis in their marriage and he might be taking those selfies with different celebrities to spite her.

Another fan asked a question? “Is this the only pilot that exist in Nigeria? Where are others? Why are they not snapping with other pilots?”

The same pilot was spotted to have taken a photo with another actress Erica. Destiny was told to learn to give space when taking pics with men especially the married ones like the pilot. Omotola should shine her eyes before she loses her husband in the hands of “ I am working day and night to make my money” They are good in servicing people's husband especially when he is kind of rich.

Khinde Jalade is one of the best pilots in the whole west Africa. His wife omotola is a celebrity too. So, most celebrities love taking pictures with him once they observe that he is the one flying them. She is not the first to do it! Many of them have done it and omotola even posted most of them. For those telling Omotola to hold her husband. Should we take the back seat and drink some cold water?

Content created and supplied by: Akinyiokello (via Opera News )

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