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“I Had No Option Other Than Selling Drugs So That I Can Support My Pregnant Wife" Mbusii Reveals

Radio Jambo presenter Daniel Githinji Mwangi sold drugs, so that he can support his pregnant wife. Githinji is popularly known as Mbusii, and he also sold drugs, so that he can take care of his family and take his daughter to school. Mbusii decided to quit drugs pedaling, because it was destroying his life. He decided to try his luck in acting, and he is now a radio presenter.

You should know that drugs pedaling is not a good job, and it can lead you into a lot of troubles. Some people in Kenya went broke, and they could hardly take care of themselves and their families. They decided to sell drugs, so that they can make ends meet.

These people got unlucky, because some of them were arrested. They are serving jail sentence, because the government of Kenya doesn’t allow drug business in the country. Their families are now suffering more than before, because their partners who sold drugs for survival are in Jail.

You should always think about the safety and the security of your family and you first, before you decide to do illegal activities like selling drugs. Your family will break up and suffer a lot, if you get arrested. You should know that drugs have destroyed the lives of many people in Kenya, because they have made them to become armed robbers.

They have to rob people, so that they can get money to buy drugs. You should know that drugs are very addictive, and they will control your life negatively. Drugs will make you to enter into a life of crime, and you will get killed or arrested.

Drugs addicts also won’t live a happy and productive life, unless they go to the rehabilitation facilities. Mbusii decided to quit selling drugs, so that he can engage in a legal money generating activities no matter how hard life was. He succeeded in changing his life from a drug peddler to a radio presenter, therefore you can also change your life if you are a drug peddler or an addict. 

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