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Meet Comedian Njugush's Beautiful Wife And Child

Njugush is without a doubt one of the most well-known and respected comedians in the country. He's a social media personality with a lot of fan affection and loyalty, as evidenced by his recent battle with bonfire adventures. Njugush is a family man who adores his wife and children. Timothy Kimani was born in Kenya, and he met his wife before he became famous, and she was very supportive of him.

Celestine Ndida, also known as Wakavinye in their videos, is regarded by Njugush as a dedicated worker who gets things done. One of the reasons he was drawn to her was because she had always pushed him to the next level.

Their wedding was a royal affair, with celebrities from the entertainment business in attendance, and it took place at the PCEA Evergreen church in Runda. Some individuals, on the other hand, were quick to criticize him, claiming that he was too thin for him.

They've been together for four years and have one gorgeous boy who they enjoy displaying to the public. He features in majority of his films and has been adored by Kenyans because, like his father, he is a humorous youngster.

They have a YouTube account where they broadcast amusing videos of themselves going about their daily lives. Wakavinye used to do amateur recordings and only appeared a few times, but she now appears on a regular basis and is one of the most popular couples.

They told Betty Kyalo what they despise the most about each other. Njugush explained that his wife had a tendency of getting up early and turning on all the lights when she had nothing urgent to accomplish. Wakavinye went on to say that her spouse has converted his automobile into a residence, complete with filth. They are, nevertheless, still happily married and thriving.

Here are beautiful photos of Njugush's stunning wife and child.

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