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Inooro Tv's Ken Wakuraya Adopts a New Look

In a recent social media post, Ken Wakuraya kicked off by stating that he is still not sure about the new look despite the eye demands. The new-look was of him having spectacles. He also requested his huge following to give their views regarding the same.

Many went ahead to give their views in the comments section. One thing that was common from all the comments is the fact that they stated that Ken is a great anchor despite how he looks.

Several also stated that there was nothing wrong with him having glasses on if they are meant to benefit his health. Ken's followers who use spectacles also welcomed him to the club, giving him some of the advantages and disadvantages from their experience and ways of coping with them.

Nonetheless, Ken Wakuraya still looks great. Ken Wakuraya anchors prime time news at Inooro TV. What is your take regarding the same? The photos are courtesy of Ken Wakuraya's social media.

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