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How to know if a woman is inlove with you

Love is the best thing that the almighty God has ever created apart from money love also runs the world.Everybody likes to love and be loved back.It is the dream of everybody to find a partner in in this world to spend their life with.Here are a few tips to help our men to know if a lady is in love with you.

1.Unusual shy behaviour by a lady whenever you are around.If she keeps avoiding eye contact whenever you have a conversation might be a sign even though there are some ladies who are naturally shy.

2.If a lady gives or buys you a present for no reason is another sign that she is in love with you.Rarely do ladies buy present for men except the one's they have feeling for.

3.Asks a lot about your life .She might be interested to know what you do for a living,about your family members and so on.

4.Shows interest in all that you do as a man.For instance you might be a footballer and she doesn't like football (most ladies with football🐮🐮) but because she loves you she starts showing interest in football.If she supports everything that you do then you are good to go.

5.Acts slightly childish in front of you.If she is ever serious when dealing with everybody else but whenever two of you are alone she starts acting childish then she is in love with you.

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