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Michelle Ntalami shares beautiful photos of her and Edwin Chiloba showing they were close

Michelle Ntalami has revealed that she and the slain LGBTQ activist Chiloba shared a close personal relationship. In an Instagram post, the beautiful award-winning entrepreneur said that she once shared a personal story with the world and it moved Chiloba so much, that she sought her out to share his love and light with her.

Michelle Ntalami and Chiloba first met in 2022, when Chiloba traveled all the way from Eldoret to Nairobi just to see her on valentines day. He gifted her a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Afterwards, Chiloba could not wait to celebrate Ntalami's birthday in June the same year. And according to Ntalami, Chiloba showed up in her event in Style.

Chiloba also ended up being a brand ambassador for Marini Naturals, a beauty product company founded by Michelle Ntalami and Niyati Patel.

Ntalami has mourned Chiloba's death saying that humanity has lost the kind of person who ensured that they spent every minute spreading pure love. She said, that Edwin had big dreams of becoming a global fashion icon and make it to the runways of Milan and New York.

She thanked Edwin for all the beautiful moments they had spent together and for being there for her when she was down. Ntalami said that it was sad to see Chiloba receive a global recognition, but in such a tragic way.

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