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Machachari Actors Amazing Transformation and Where they are Today (photos)

The famous Machachari show aired for 13 years and ended in 2019. The popular cast of the show has changed drastically over the years. Below are the casts and their current pictures;

Almasi- Ian Nene

He was one of the actors in the early stages of the show. Almasi left the show too soon to continue his studies abroad. He has changed over the years and does many things online.

Govi- Malik Lemuel Mbelle

Govi was Baha's famous brother. He acted like the cold brother of the family. However, the former boy is now an adult teenager pursuing his career elsewhere.

Chalo - Peterson Gathambo

He was the famous landlord in the show. He is easily recognizable for his strong Meru accent. He is now pursuing his acting career in the vernacular series.

Mama Almasi - Nungari Kang'ethe

She was a wealthy woman in the neighborhood and the mother of Almasi and Joy. She qas always busy or away on a business trip, leaving the children with the maid, Sofia, at home.

Mama Stella alias Cindy - Clara Wamaitha

Cindy perfected the acting of a drunken wife and mother. She was almost drunk always. When sober, she would work at the Mama Baha Hotel or take care of her family.

Mama Baha alias Pamela - Wanjiku Mburu

Mama Baha first ran a vegetable stall before turning into a hotel.

Baha- Kamau Mbaya

He is an astute actor and was always naughty and eccentric. Thanks to his role, the children were looking forward to his performance.

Stella - Natasha Ngegie

She was the good girl in the show. Although having a drunk mom and an absentee dad, she concentrated on studying despite her family's difficulties.

Fatso - Mathew Owiti

He was a bully show. Fatso started as a big rich child who could not lean on other children. After a while, he became friends with them all.

Coaches - Michael Machachari

Baba Baha was the local football coach. He took the kids for training and later went to help his wife ran their hotel.

Tosh - Sammy

Tosh was Joy's cousin. He was a sweet loving cousin who always took care of his young cousin.

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Almasi Govi Ian Nene Machachari


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