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Rashid Abudalla And Loulou Hassan Leaves Fans Talking After Speaking Fluent Luo Language In Studio

Rashid Abudalla and his wife Loulou Hassan has left Kenyans talking on different social media platforms for the another time. This is after the two used a Luo language while they were in the newsroom, something that has raised eyebrows.

According to the clip that it's currently rotating on different social media platforms, Rashid and Loulou were talking about the new Luo TV station that goes by the name Ramogi TV.

Now this clip of Rashid and Loulou speaking a Luo language at the newsroom has gone viral on different social media platforms where by, it's sparking mixed reactions currently.

Many are out to wonder how Rashid and Loulou can speak fluent Luo language yet their are not from a Luo community while, others are out nicknaming Rashid and Loulou some funny Luo names at the same time.

Anyway what's your opinion also about Rashid and his wife speaking Luo language!? Share your opinion as you share this news to your friends. Thanks for reading my content and have a nice day! Below is the clip:

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