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Nigerian Artist Naija Marley Speaks on Bongo Artists buying YouTube Views.

This week, Tanzanian artists have been shinning and trending on YouTube. All the big names in the music arena have a song trending on YouTube. Diamond Platinum has a song Kamata which is number 3 trending in Kenya, Zuchu ( Nyumba Ndogo) which is number 2 trending on YouTube, Alikiba (Salute) which is number 5 trending and Harmonize (Sandakalawe) which is number 14 trending. This shows how the Swahili nation have been doing well on YouTube.

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Despite this, a complain from a Nigerian artist, Naija Marley has surfaced. On his Instagram stories he said "Stop buying YouTube views. We can tell by the likes. I'm not even talking about any Nigeria o. I'm sure nobody in Nigeria will ever."

With the views, it seems he was referring to Harmonize whose song has 4.2 million views as compared to the other songs which have lesser views but they are trending more than his song.

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When compared to the number of likes, the other songs have almost triple the number of likes in Harmonize's song. 'Nyumba Ndogo' by Zuchu has 1.9 million views and 43K likes, 'Kamata' by Diamond has 2.9M views and 81k likes, 'Salute' by Alikiba has 2.7M views and 78k likes and 'Sandakalawe' by Harmonize has 4.2M views but 29k likes. When the four songs are compared, there is inconsistency in Harmonize's song which shows the views have been manipulated.

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This is not the first time artists have bought YouTube views just for their songs to have a good look in terms of viewership.

Despite the allegations, Harmonize is yet to speak about the rumours. What do you think about this??

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