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Maria Series: 'I Love You', See Who Silas Tells This To Causing Confusion Between Venessa And Maggy

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The wedding happens so well, Maria and Luwi exchange rings and kissed. Everyone is happy and it comes to the time to throw the flower to see who among the ladies is gonna be next to get married. Maria lines up the maids and throws them the flowers. Can you guess who caught it????

If you guessed Venessa then you are right. She gets it and in a blink of eye, Silas gets down on his knees and tells her that he loves her dearly.

Moments later, he sees Maggy and asks her what she is doing there. Maggy tries to explan how she is still in love with him. She even says that she sees them having a future and goes on flirting with him telling him good things. He doubts himself, kneels down and tells him he loves him.

Only for Venessa to see him, she is very dissapointed and betrayed. She then runs to her room and locks herself in her room.

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