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7 Popular Kikuyu Musicians Supporting William Ruto With Songs They Released

As 2022 general elections are around the corner, Political temperature appears to be at its peak. The rich vote region which is Mt kenya appears to be divided where some are supporting William Ruto as others are supporting President Uhuru choice which is Raila Odinga.

Kikuyu musicians appears to play a very big role on who the community should Support. The following musicians have released songs supporting William Ruto. Watch the video below each of them.

1. Muigai Wa Njoroge- the gospel musician has released many songs in support of William Ruto but the dominating one is “ino migunda”. According to the song he said that William Ruto will end all the thieves in Kenya after being elected. He added that when a poor man like Ruto becomes rich he is a thief while when a deep state person becomes rich it is inheritance. Watch the video below.

2. Muhiko nebster- the gospel and Political musician released a song supporting William Ruto which says that Ruto is the only one who is there to be elected. Watch the video below.

3. The late John Demathew- the late Benga musician released a song thanking William Ruto for supporting uhuru Kenyatta. He went ahead and urged the community to pay back William Ruto with a full support and make him the president in the next election. Watch the video below.

4. Kamande wa kioi- the Benga musician released a song showing his Political stand where he said William Ruto is anointed to be the next president asking the community to elect him.

5. Gathee wa Njeri- the Kikuyu Benga musician released a song talking about the competency of William Ruto saying he is their own son and they will elect him. Watch the video below.

6. Muigai Junior- this is an upcoming Kikuyu gospel musician who Released a new song saying all they want is William Ruto and president uhuru shouldn't tell them whom to vote.

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Benga John Demathew- Kikuyu Muhiko Muigai Wa Njoroge-


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