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See Kikuyu artists with more than 100,000 subscribers

Youtube is the most popular digital platform where music artists share their new music projects and serves as a permanent soft storage for their video and audio songs.

There is a minimum threshold of 1000 subscribers for a youtube channel to earn a monetary value. Therefore any channel that has more than 1000 subscribers earn revenue from the google ads playing on their music videos.

The higher the number of youtube subscribers mean the higher the views per video and hence higher revenue.

There are music artists who have more than 1M subscribers, which means that their videos always yield a high revenue no matter the content they upload.

However there are some music artists whose videos recieve a high vieweing of more than 1M views, despite of them having less than a million sibscribers.

Below are some of the kikiyu Artists who have managed to get more than 100,000 subscribers and more than a million views in most of their youtube videos.

1. Eunice Njeri

2. Richy Haniel

3. Ruth Wamuyu

4. Phyllis Mbuthia

5. Muigai Wa Njoroge

6. Samidoh

7. Shiru Wa Gp

Content created and supplied by: Danteeh_ke (via Opera News )

Eunice Njeri Kikuyu Phyllis Mbuthia Richy Haniel Youtube


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